M-TAITO HYPOTHERMIA PLATE [ SH-101 . H-101 ] Live long with good health Works for living body to raise the temperature

Fer infrared radiation heating ceramic plate for immunity activity Enhance Temperature.Immune.Pleasant sleep.Edema. Warm up the calf so called the secondary hert Thet make the blood circulation improved. Remove the cold from body, and straighten the physical condition while in your sleep. Customize any place if you feel cold at arms. legs chest or butt.  Lymph edema shrieked  Less pain from cancer  No menstrual pain  No leg cramps  Shrinked the cone on the foot  Less frequent urination at night  Pleasant sleep  Improve the appetite  Faster recovery of cold. Those are the voice from the user, which doesn't mean to ensure the result of the product

M-TAITO HYPOTHERMIA PLATE [SH-101] M-taito farinferred heating ceramics plate. Live long with good health. Works for living body to raise the temperature

SH-101 Specification and accessory

SH-101 Experiences

Lymphedema experiment in Thai [SH-101] Tested with M-taito ceramic sheet and Made in Japan heater. She diagonsed that her breast need to remove because of the cancer 1 year ago. As for the treatment, she had a surgery both breast and lymph node. After surgery, she come to face with the side effect called lymphedema. Both of her hads and legs are swelling, but right side of hand and leg are much bigger than the left side. Her thoughts&Impressions After this experiment, she instantly felt that her leg become much lighter than before. She've been tried so many treatment to deal with this swelling, but this is her first time to see such immidiate effect treatment. She's impressed, and asked for buying this SH101. Nearly 30% of lymphedema can melt in about 7 hours. Wrapping during the bed time is the bes timming to use!

[SH-101  H-101  Ceramic Eye] How M-taito ceramic sheet worked for Mr Y Gathering in Asahi city, Chiba Mr Y ( the men with blue shirt) has aproblem with swelling on his leg. Once he push this swelling, this just remains the trace, and seems dent. This is normally known for primal sympton of ephropathy and diabate. These diesease tend to accumulatekidney stones as well. Although he's been taking the antibiolics for this treatment, this doesn't work that much. He is even more worried if this side effect would show more. He started to use M-taito ceramic sheet for a night when he was sleeping. He also tested M-taito ceramic plate and M-taito eye on his swelling. Although this place is quite hot feeling, he barly feel this hot when plate thouch to the swelling part. This kinda feeling is very interesting, and he was very surprised to see the differences after using only 1 day. He is very exited to see more changes in near future. Few days later, he sent us text with pictures.This is the picture he took right after he woke up, and found out that the calf part become much smaller than before. Besides from his calf, Mr Y's wife also suffed from Hashimoto disease. she've been trouble with insomnia for years. After she started to use M-tatio eye,this insomnia has recovered so much, and she can sleep well now. She didn't expect this immidiate effect, so she was so astoished with this result She is still using this M-tatio eye to keep this condition.

M-TAITO HYPOTHERMIA PLATE [H-101] M-taito farinferred heating ceramics plate. Live long with good health. Works for living body to raise the temperature

H-101 Instruction Manual of Hyperthermia plate Place a cution or pillow below your heels when you put hypothemia plate under your legs. When you install this plate under the blancket in the bed. the tempreure will be rise up to 45(113F) and the tempreture under the warming pans will become 50(122F). Once you place your legs on the plate. this tempreture will descease aruond 3 to 4 degreace. Depends on user's condition. this figure cna be changed. Please take a good care when you are in use. We recommend to assist disabilities when they are in use for this hypothermia plate.

H-101 Experiences

48 years ood Woman She has been suffering a pain from rheumatism over 20 years. You can imagine how her ankle are swollon from the picture. She actually put the legs and thigh on the hypothemia plate about 30 min, and see how this stiffness has changed. Whole leg part is swollon. Color of skin tend to be white because of the bad blood circuratic Improving the blood circulation and start to sweat on the surface of the skin. The tough of calf became much softer compare to the one before testing. She is actually very inspired of the knee's moving. How the rheumatism has changed using through 2 weeks Removed the swelling down to bottom of the foot before, she become to walk much easier. Down sizing the mass of the swelling could put on all the trouzers without remaing the trace of stiching. Less ascites around the stomach, more frequency of urine. This can help detoxation funtion more efficiently. Removing the feeling dull and stiffness on the sholders. Able to bent each joint much easier and the tempreture become warmer. Grip strength much improved. Maybe his might be just imagination but she side the shapes of foot become better. She is expecting the further changes!

It is almost like a magic that this edema vanish only in 1 day with H-101 hypothermia tretment She removed whole womb about 21 years ago. Because of the cancer of womb. As soon as she removed. She has started to suffer from lymphedema over 20 years. She cut the left leg groin in the surgery. But it gives the excessive water in whole left leg afterallas for the treatment. She is doing some pressure massarge to stimulate. and also putting the supporter on her whole dameged area to stop expanding this swelling. Eventhough she has been continewing these treatments. This sewelling didnt become any better. But this keep swelling over 20 years. It gives her more damege in her daily lift. Beacause this water is too heavy. She often stumbles and fractuates just for walking. However these are the only ways for the lymphedema treatiment basically here in japan right now. She came to our shop. And put her leg on the H-101 just for the realaxing for the first time. She has never felt this good before. And brought back this for the trial. She tried the same way at her home. While she is sleeping. Next mor. 4 Day later 50% of swell has shrinkked in. 40 Days later Almost 70% of swell has shrinkked in. Anotther additional report She couldn't recognize before because the remedy has mainly forcused on EDEMA. but ond day she noticed that the corns on her leg has vanished. When she actually tounhed it. texture of corn become so soft and recovered as normal.

59 years old (Men) Mild lymphedema on his ankle ( He's been taking M-taito water over 5 years) He treated the Achilles tendon without surgery in Jan 2007. Although he didn't treated with Achilles, it extend and cling each other. Since he puts  Peprosthetic device on, it make the lymph flow worth and valve doesn't work properly. He has been cellulitis three times so far. Once people get edema, it is very horrible when they take off their socks. Traces of socks remain and this dropsy don't subside. But picture below is when he start using H-101. You can see only little of trace of socks and very obvious that the upper side of right calf has subsided after using H-101 for 1 day. Touch of skin has changed from stiff to soft. BEFORE. Swelling on the whole left leg. H-101 1Day AFTER USE 1DAY Subside the swelling on the left leg.

Each of them purchased H-101 and very satisfited with effect They've been taking M-TAITO water over 5years now Pain in back and legs are  completly vanished ans so  as corns. Number of hepatitis C has become to standard Purchased 2 plates of H-101 Her palm was swollen somehow but those swell She also let her daughter use this H-101 plate to. Two of them have corns at the same time, nut those are vanished after using H-101

59 years old( Male ) Chronic cellultits. As his first symptom, he's got swelling and strong pain from knee to toe 7 years ago. Antibiotics has used as treatment for curing. This was not quite enough for him to cure completely. but only the swelling part was re-mained stiffly after all. It was okay for a while with sitff, but he faced to symptom again about 4 years ago. Doctor diagnosed this

M-TAITO HYPOTHERMIA PLATE [SH-101] M-taito farinferred heating ceramics plate. Live long with good health. Works for living body to raise the temperature

M-TAITO HYPOTHERMIA PLATE [H-101] M-taito farinferred heating ceramics plate. Live long with good health. Works for living body to raise the temperature